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Texas Best Lick Feeders

A product of Franks Mfg. Co., The “Texas Best Lick Feeders” are formed from a super tough, high-density polyethylene that will not deteriorate in extreme cold or heat. The material is protected from ultra violet rays of the sun that will degrade lesser plastics with a special blend of resins. The Texas Best Lick Feeder has been tested and proven in Texas since 1972.

Its outstanding features are:

  • Lightweight for ease of handling
    • 100 gal. capacity approx. 40 lbs
    • 200 gal capacity approx. 80 lbs
  • Smooth inner surface for easy clean out
  • All openings in the feeder are raised to prevent water from entering feed
  • Drop in wheel and bracket for easy removal
  • Low profile--18” overall height
  • Available in 100 gal or 200 gal capacity with two or four wheels per feeder
Lick Feeders

                                Proven in Texas since 1972

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                                       1336 West Blanco
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